Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let us see

13 August

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death and I think of her watching television to her last days and telling us how she hated Sharon. She was an intelligent, compassionate woman. She did not have a drop of Arab blood in her body. I cannot say that she was very partial to Arabs (my late father excepted, I hope) and certainly not to any Islamic movement. But she despised Sharon and made obscene gestures at the television whenever he appeared.
My grandmother came to Egypt from Austria as a relatively young widow. It was after the war, the first one. She was a Roman Catholic by birth but was not religious. She too hated the Jews. She had seen them at close quarters in Vienna. They were, she said like worms in a healthy piece of fruit. Thery bore their holes silently, relentlessly until the whole fruit was contaminated. In the end, the worms were not saved but neither was the fruit. This is what the Jews did to the countries they inhabited. My grandmother did not approve of the holocaust but understood its reasons. The Germans had wanted to rid the fruit of its worms. Like all pests the Jews eventually survived. They went through a period of mutation and immerged stronger to attack a new, fresh fruit.
The question is will history repeat itself? Will a new Hitler in the garb of an Arab decide one day that it is time to disinfect his orchard and come up with a potent wormicide? The world as we have seen respects brute force. America has helped the Zionists as long as they were fighting weak Arabs. They won't, if the other side is stronger. Let us see what will happen then.


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