Monday, August 14, 2006


14 August
I can imagine why Bush has to repeat the idiocies that other fools are throwing at us. After Blair, it is Allmerde who is giving him his lines, since he has gone through most of his own. There are so many sentences in which one can work the word terrorist and he has surely exhausted the supply.
The Israelis are sad when they kill Arabs? Give me a break, Mr Bush. Is that why they systematically went after civilians? Hisbollah rejoices when they kill Israelis? Of course they do and so do we all here in the Middle East. We did not ask the Israelis to grace us with their presence, remember, they are the occupiers, the ennemy and therefore it is kosher to kill as many as is possible. Isn't that what war is all about? You know about war Mr Bush don't you?And how less dead and injured are the Arab victims on whom the Israelis are admittely shedding their Jewish tears? I mean really! Do you think that the mothers who lost their sons will forgive the killers because they claim that they are sorry for the killings? That is so preposterous that, sad as it may be, it makes me want to laugh. If you guys are so sensitive why don't you offer to go collect your unexplded bombs that will kill even more children? Why don't you tell them Mr Bush to just do that instead of shedding their unwanted tears. Or maybe you could attend to it yourself instead of spouting your detestable lies?
We hate you Mr Bush you and your Nazionist friends and this feeling will last much longer than the Jewish tears or any of your stupid discourses.


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