Friday, August 04, 2006


5 August

Shalom Mr Allmerde
Did you get your big thrill watching the dead little kids of Qana? Do you think they will be forgotten? I bet you anything in a few years it will be the turn of the children of Tel Aviv to go in plastic bags. Fair is fair. You know us, we Arabs hate to leave crimes unavenged. It has to do with our culture but you wouldn't understand because you come from Mittle Europa. But then what the hell! the Americans came from England, exterminated the Red Indians and took their country that is now theirs and they never needed to learn about their culture. So why not you? Get rid of the Arabs, kill them, put them in reservations, if they did it, you can do it too.
Remember you have the famous Jewish intelligence and the American sophisticated arsenal. It is a deadly combination. Think of the number of little Arab children you can exterminate with such a might. Pity those stupid Arab women don't stop procreating really. I fear they might be able to keep outnumbering you no matter how many you kill. True, as the great Bolton informed us via the United Nations, your children are superior in quality to ours but somehow I still have faith in numbers. Besides if these poor Arab sods manage to give birth to a couple of Hassan Nasrallah you can be in real trouble if I dare say so.
One Nasrallah has sent you scrambling all over the place and forced you to show your ugly mug to tell the world your lies, in person, on television. What will happen when every Palestinian and every Lebanese child turns into a Nasrallah? They wont even have to fight you. Suffice they decide to spit on Israel in unison and you will disappear in the outpour of saliva . They won't even have to thow back into the sea to rid the Arab world of your kind. Ploof! No more Nazionists. Just like that! Shalom Mr Allmerde I hope you choke soon on your own shit.


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