Monday, July 10, 2006

To write or not to write


Poorer than ever or poor no more?
Journalists are paid less than house servants and like house servants they become privy to the corruption within as soon as they join an organisation. The young ones have usually little culture or knowledge and little to say. They also have little hope of advancement so one wonders why on earth they have not chosen to be mechanics where money is there for the taking. Journalists choices are limited: they can rot for forty years serving a newspaper that would sooner do without them or find a little niche where they can hope to pull themselves out of their dastardly future by selling their principles (and eventually their principals if the occasion presents itself).They can attach themselves to a big shark, becoming corrupt on a smaller scale, or, if couragous enough, chase the big story that will make them or break them. And what better story to tell than corruption in high places?
The new law has now dashed the journalists' hopes of ever uncovering "the supreme scandal". Are they then destined to remain as poor as church mice chasing gas explosions and car accidents? They shouldn't despair however. There must be loopholes to the new restrictions, there always is. How about describing the wealth of men in power without comment in a house decoration magazine? Or doing profiles of the high and mighty emphasizing their modest beginnings and describing in admiring terms their meteoric rise to power? Or maybe recounting the lavish weddings of the greats' sibblings, the flowers, the imported dishes, the decorations, the brides'designer dresses from New York and Paris? Is this not providing hints enough? If I were to play the game, I would launch a new society paper where pictures and names of second and third spouses would be highlighted, where mistresses would be photographed next to the madame (independent photos of course but in the same issue), talk about poker games taking place in secluded resorts, astronomic decorators'fees, the cost of spa hopping in Europe and the popularity of face lifts among the elite. I would then let it be known that so and so was seen at such and such resort, that Mrs X... went into seclusion for a fortnight, that the famous Lulu just decorated the house of Mr you know who etc., all in different articles of course. I would resort to the time tried method of saying what I mean in parables, poems, fairy tales. All it takes is a bit of talent to convey the message.
Journalists should take heart. They need not sell their bicycles yet. They want to hone their writing skills then start writing. Who said that in your face is more effective than clever innuendoes? Journalists on the take who would work for me would be able to carry on their little commerce and be paid for publishing (or killing) a story exactly as before. Of course they would have to drop a prior hint to their target who miht be too stupid to recognize him/herself in the piece. I for one am all for encouraging good journalists to become corrupt since their hardly- earned skills are not appreciated and since they cannot make a decent living out of reporting or commenting in any professional way.That way we may still be able to right the wrongs.


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