Sunday, July 30, 2006

They are killing the children

30 July

The Jews are killing the Arab children because they know they are going to grow to be Jew haters exactly like we are. We will see to that. We will make sure that every Arab child knows about what happened in Qana today. We will write about the butchers of Qana and how they slaughtered 30 sleeping children. We will keep the pictures and sew the seeds of hatered into the next generation and the next...until the Arab world finally expels the cancer that is eating it. We will also teach our children and our grandchildren about the role of the United States and that of the black witch Condoleezza Rice, their modern Auntie Jemima, the legitimate daughter of Uncle Tom the good nigger. We will tell our children that the word genocide is linked to the Jews only because they committed it not because they were its victims. From the beginning of this war I have been cursing Hitler for not finishing his job properly. the Jews suffered at the hands of the Germans? Good. It was only advanced punishment for what they are visiting on the only people who were ever good to them. I may not see it in my time but my dearest wish is that another Holocaust at the hands of the Arabs this time is on its way. Shalom you bastards


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