Monday, July 31, 2006

Peaceful demonstrations

31 July

The people of Egypt are trying to express their horror at what is going on in Lebanon.They have taken to the streets.
They have done so politely, gathering in predetermined locations and shouting old slogans from the time we still had a national pride. Like everywhere else in the world where so called democracy reigns, our youngsters believe that they can peacefully protest the advent of a new improved degree of barbarity. Haven't we been told that we had graduated to the era of free expression? Only the person of our president is out of bound, they said. No one is thinking of maligning him however. The people have given up on him and leave him be. Why then is the Egyptian police instructed to savagely beat up the demonstators who are supporting the Arab struggle against Zionism? Why are the keepers of order, camouflaged in plain clothes, ordered to pounce unexpectedly on young men and women who are doing no more than fulfilling their least duty as human beings? Obviously the government is terrified, should these young patriots turn suddenly on them and expose them for what they are. So as a preventive measure they are beaten, raped and maimed to teach them a primitive lesson: if for a moment they belived the official pronouncement that they have become verbally liberated they were sorely wrong. It is business as usual.
The question is, since our brutal police force is operating in disguise why not use the masquerade further and dress them in military garb and send them to the front where they belong for instance, or if we are too cowardly to show our masters that all Arabs are not in complete agreement with them, then why not disguise the brutes as humanitarian aids and send them to Israel, courtesy of a "Stauch Ally" of the United States to distribute fuul and ta'miya to the overworked Israeli soldiers who need ethnic sustenance in their endeavor to kill Arab kids (it is hard work as the civilized world well knows) and once inside drop their disguise and start beating, raping and maiming some young Israeli warmongers for a change? Wouldn't that be a better use of a police force (one million strong) than unleashing them on our own people?
It seems to me they would thus be much better employed and at the same time the powers that be will have one less reason to shit their pants.


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