Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hey, hey

Weren't the Zionists supposed to be invincible? All this might held hostage to a few freedom fighters? What else do they need? An atomic bomb? And who said the Germans were inhuman? I bet the Jews looked nothing like the Lebanese children after the Zionist bombs visited their poor villages. Makes you feel sorry Hitler did not finish his job. Me an antisemite? Nooo. I am just so full of hatred I stammer while writing these words.
I have to stay home to prevent myself from screaming my feelings at the Arab gamousas who go about their business without a thought for the Lebanese and the Palestinians. The Zionists will prevail in the end of course, they have the equipment, the technology and American money. But the utter disgust that their sight will provoke in many Arabs will last for generations to come and one day we will have a Middle East free of them. I am just sorry I am too old to see this come to pass. Meanwhile I can just send my best wishes to the eroes who are defending Arab lands.


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