Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why should he?

28 May

I wonder if the good Pope having gone to pay his respects in Auswitz will detour to Lebanon for a small ceremony in Sabra and Shatila. I don't deny the horrors of the Shoah but since then the Jews seem to have engaged in a grand genocide of their own. Of course they are killing only Arabs, an inferior race as every Jew knows; but maybe the Germans thought they were only killing Jews, who were their own Arabs. And of course the Jews have not gassed the Palestinians who are now occupying the new ghettos; but then it is cheaper to use all the modern killing equipment provided free of charge by the United States to wipe their Arabs off the face of the earth. Hitler did not get the benefit of American help and had to do with what he found on the ground. Also it sounds more manly to blow your enemies to smithereens rather than roast them to a crisp. It makes the Jews feel like real worriors. They have been dying for centuries to play that role. Still, victims of the Shoah, Palestinians, they all ended up dead. The major difference is that the Germans have been carrying the guilt of their fathers for over half a century whereas the Jews are cheered on for their massacres.
I wonder if they don't fear the day when the shoe will be on the other foot and they will be made to ask for forgiveness. How can they expect the Pope to appologize?
If he belonged to the Hitler Youths in the past he has the excuse of not really knowing what was going on. Those who live in a police state usually don't; but what about the Jews? What will their excuse be?


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