Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Their democracy

11 mars
Did I get it right? Weren't the Americans keen on changing the Middle East and show them the irresistible advantages of real democracy? Bowled over by the resounding Iraqi success and by virtue of the mysterious domino effect we would all want to emulate their perfect new political system? Ok, I admit the Iraqis are being difficult they really won't learn how to play baseball and therefore the occupying powers have to stay there until they can ram the game down their throat. Understandable. Or maybe they made a mistake and should have left them alone in the first place. There was no domino effect there and no Arab ruler ever tried to emulate Saddam although one must confess that bad as he was he was keeping it more or less together and with less casualties that we are seeing now. Be it as it may and until the world's benefactors manage to extricate themselves from this rather tight spot let me ask another question. What with democracy in Palestine? Didn't they do as they were told and democratically elect a government? Oh! Sorry they do not recognize Israel. And that of course is not democratic because to be a real "good" democracy Palestinians should bow to their oppressors and embraces their ideas...Or else of course. That as we all know is real democracy not dictatorship by a foreign power.


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