Monday, April 10, 2006


We are giving Hamas the cold shoulder. Why? Because we are not ready to upset our masters. They know where we live...America wants democracy a leur mode and we follow. Because let us face it we are followers. We may have shaken off the British but in those days we had been trained by them to think and having been taught we were able to turn our knowledge against them. Be it as it may it was a long time ago and left to our own device we forgot how to work our brains. We no longer have politicians, thinkers, writers, artists, philosophers. We only have businessmen who think with their pockets and they need America to deepen and fill them.
We meanwhile, the rest of the people, the un-businessmen and women haven't a clue. We sooner be told what we aught to want by whoever is assertive enough. We have not been educated we have only been indocrinated and without the tools to decide for ourselves, how can we say yes or no to the possibilities open before us? Confused, we prefer not to reflect. Bullied we naturally cower. Does the US want to give us democracy? Freedom? No, they know we cannot handle it but they want to create chaos so that they can intervene.
Wasn't Hamas democratically elected? Ah! But not to their taste, Hamas refuse to recognize Israel, shame on them. Those of us who are not necessarily in favor of any fundamentalism find ourselves in the impossible situation of having to defend Hamas.
Personally I have always wondered why, since the Jews had been victimized in certain countries of which they were nationals why were they not resettled in these same countries after the war. If the international powers could force them on the Palestinians a plus forte raison they should have been able to shame the countries that tortured them into taking them back. It certainly would have been more reasonable. Of course I know the answer and so do you. But to get back to our treatment of Hamas...Why the affront? After all we have fought in the past to get them--unsuccessfully--the same thing they are claiming now. So democracy? Forget it.


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