Monday, March 20, 2006

She is going

20 March 2006
There are so many things going on right now. I can take my pick. Irak? Palestine? Iran? Why Muslims and Arabs are hated? I could write about any of these topics really. I could write quite well too but the only thing that interest me is that my daughter is leaving for a four-day conference. I worry. And why? Is she a child? No she is a grown up, gainfully employed, a full adult and a clever one at that. And yet as soon as I think of planes, shuttle buses, airports I am seized with terror. What if...? No use trying to reason, to think of the accidents that happen in the house, on the road, in one's own bathroom. I am simply terrified and will not rest until she is back home. You could think that I have never travelled, that I am a sort of Egyptian country bumpkin, who could not find her way outside Cairo. Well no, I have been everywhere, to Europe, Australia, the US, I speak several languages and feel at home in at least half a dozen capitals (No I am boasting, let us say three capitals) I take risks (well driving across Cairo is already risk enough, what with the crazies behind the wheel and the stifling pollution), she takes risks (see above), still the words "I am going to x,y,z for a conference give me the hives. Anyway she is going tomorrow and I will have to pretend that she is lucky to go, that I will be perfectly fine, will take good care of myself and of the cats, bla bla bla.


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