Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BBC tape

21 March
My daughter remembered Mother's Day. Such a pleasant surprise. Later I went to my friend Mona Anis. I wanted to watch the BBC tapes on "50 years of desposession" another friend lent me. It is quite upsetting because regardless on whose side one is on you have to realise that it is all about manipulation by the great powers. It does not matter if they are called Russia, the US, England...It is the first time I understood that King Hussein had actively accepted the aid of the Israelis to get rid of Fatah. Sometimes I think that we deserve what is happening to us. We can't think a meter further than our immediate interests. What can we hope to achieve if we behave like born traitors? No pride that is the problem of the Arabs. All these legends about honor and courage are just a load of bull. But we will learn. Eventually we will stop running to big brother and stand on our own two feet. Then we might get some of our rights and those of the Palestinians back.
Learning from our past mistakes and stop boasting about nothing will get us where we want to go. I won't be aroud to see it but so what! My children and their children will.


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